We have created several bespoke sauces to pair perfectly with the cuts of ethically sourced exotic steaks.



Having spent a period of our lives living in the Asia Pacific region, we were both overwhelmed with the wide choice of different tastes, treats and exotic dishes the region has on offer. Since returning to the Northern Hemisphere we saw the potential to bring some of these exotic meat flavours to our shores but with one unique touch, homemade delicious organic sauces that complement our current exotic meat range perfectly, along with our home-made seasonings that work well with meats and fish perfect for the pan or the BBQ.


Heaven Steak has been created to bring YOU the consumer something unique to the market with an exotic twist. We have created several bespoke sauces to pair perfectly with the cuts of ethically sourced meat. Along with our home-made seasonings with a twist perfect for that added flavour to your meat or fish dish and of course works a treat when done on the BBQ.

The meats we offer are extremely healthy and work well as part of a balanced diet, as well as getting it from pan to plate with in 15 mins for those of us who have hectic lifestyles and are very much on the go all week. Our sauces come separately from the meat so that you can choose which steak you wish to utilise the perfectly paired sauce on.


We also know it’s important to know where our food comes from… Our meat is farmed ethically and all sauces organically created with the freshest ingredients. When paired together this brings out some very fusion flavours.


Currently we offer cuts of Kangaroo, Buffalo and for the less adventurous Beef steak, all paired with our unique sauce range. We also offer four different types of seasonings that can give your favourite cut of meat or fish that extra flavour or kick.

Our exotic cuts are very lean and healthy and perfect for anyone who is building up due to the protein content or people who enjoy healthy living. Our cuts of meat and sauce parings are also aimed at people who perhaps would like to taste something on the wild side.

As we live in the crazy helter skelter world today, we want to be healthy and want to eat healthy yet we always seem to be on the go.

Our product offers you all this in a fast and easy no fuss meal which we recommend served with green veg or if you’re feeling naughty perhaps with chips or wedges mmmmmmm ……

As our business Starts to grow look out for further products being made available and if you are after something you don’t currently see please do get in touch and we may well be able to help source your requirement.


We hope you enjoy your purchase and we welcome any feedback to help us continually improve our products and services to you.